Boy Jumps Into The River To Save His Drowning Brother Valerio McFarland But Also Gets Trapped Due To The Current

Date May 9, 2018 11:24

Crazy and unexpected things happen around us all the time. During extreme situations, people react differently: some become heroes, but others become frightened and run away. 10-year-old Maxim McFarland certainly committed a heroic act by trying to save his drowning brother.

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Horrible tragedy

5-year-old Valerio McFarland was playing with his older brother Maxim when something horrible happened. The younger one slipped and fell into a fast-moving river.

Maxim immediately jumped into the water to save him. The current swept the two down the river. A firefighter managed to pull Maxim out of the Androscoggin River in Lewiston, Maine.

The older sibling is expected to fully recover from the accident, as he was rescued that evening and hospitalized in fair condition.

The search continues

It has been 2 weeks already since the accident, but Valerio’s body hasn’t yet been found. Volunteers still keep searching for the boy relentlessly. His mother, Helena Gagliano-McFarland, will not stop the search no matter what:

I want my son back. I’m not going to let my son rot in the river like a piece of trash.

The warden service is using police dogs to at least try to pinpoint the area of the search. And if there is any evidence of the lost boy, the National Guard may be involved.

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The family has created a GoFundMe account to raise money for the medical expenses and honor their lost son Valerio.

The loss of a child is definitely the most tragic thing a family can go through. We pray for the family and pray for the body to be found as soon as possible!

Safety tips

Such horrible tragedies can and should be prevented by taking precautions. This is surely not an eye-opener, but still, many people neglect simple safety rules.

1. Always stay within arm’s reach.

This way, you can simply catch your child in case of a sudden accident. You should always keep an eye on your child while being near the area of danger.

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2. Selection of safe swimming areas.

Select only those areas that are supervised by a lifeguard. Don’t cross the designated swimming areas and remember that currents and waves are extremely dangerous for your child.

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3. Safety devices.

Only life jackets are approved to protect against drowning. Arm floaties and swimming tubes may not save your child in case of danger.

4. Don’t rely on anybody.

You may think that lifeguard can see everything that’s going on in the swimming area, but it is simply not true. There have been too many cases of unnoticed slipped under the water children. After all, it’s your direct responsibility to watch after your child.

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We pray for the McFarland family. We hope that these safety rules would prevent similar accidents from happening!

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