This Cute Dad-Daughter Duo Melts People's Hearts! Father Sings Maroon 5's Song With His Adorable Baby Girl

Date October 10, 2018

Father is the daughter's ultimate hero, and some super dads are way ahead of the game. Even their casual time spent with adorable little cubs is major goals. Who says fathers can't handle kids? Well, they do, and they actually do it in quite an awesome way!

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Father-daughter singalong


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Cute daddy and his daughter sang Girls Like You by Maroon 5. She was cuddled up in a bath towel in her father's arms. The baby girl didn't know all the lyrics, but her imitation of words was amazing. Super dad also let her take the stage. They seemed to have loads of fun together, which left other parents who moan about bathing time to utter shame!


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What a beautiful family to look at! Make sure you have enough time before you click the video because you might want to play it over and over again.

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They went viral

Their video has become the new reason for this song to get stuck in people's mind. This handsome dad with his baby has latched bundles of cuteness to it!

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Other awesome dads

Hey you, we aren't done with all the love yet! Here's a compiled video of dads and baby daughters having fun together.

These clips are filled with so much love. Father's love for his daughter is unbeatable. Share if you agree!

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