Dream Came True! Loving Grandpa Made A Customized Halloween Costume For His Sweet Disabled Grandson

Date October 25, 2018

Disability punches hard at normality. But some exceptional beings embrace it like no other!

The 5-year-old boy, Blake suffers from Spina Bifida which has confined him to his wheelchair. He moves around in it or has to be lifted. This pretty boy had a particular inclination towards buses and he especially loves school buses. He is also only excited about kindergarten because he gets to ride on one while going to school.

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As Halloween was around, his family joined their heads to generate an incredible idea for his costume. Luckily, his grandfather came up with a brilliant one. He himself worked on his disguise and built a portable minibus and infused it on his wheelchair. Way to go grandpa!

Blake was delighted to ride around in it with pure bliss on his face. He went into the neighborhood for a trick or treat with confident. He is also having a bladder surgery soon but he wasn't afraid of it anymore. This cutie celebrated Halloween with great zeal as his dream had come true!

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People reactions

Social media users were in complete awe as they cheerfully appreciated the genius grandpa. They pointed out how important family support is, to such kids. He really made his grandson's day!

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Costume ideas for disabled individuals

You can also copy this excellence to apply to special people who are bound to wheelchairs. Mostly sold standard costumes on market are not designed to adapt to wheelchairs or canes. However, as published on MyChildWithoutLimits, a physically disabled person doesn't need to feel left out of the enjoyment of trick or treating or holiday parties on October 31st. The fun is beyond any physical condition!


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Dig in! Halloween is meant to be remarkable for everyone. There are so many ideas and options for making the night a fun one. Share this to make these costumes, someone's holiday project!

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