'Mom I Want To Go To Law School, Not Pre-School': 2-Year-Old Mila Hilariously Argues On Things Her Parents Make Her Do

Date October 17, 2018 10:14

The little star couldn't bud into popularity on her own. The secret recipe, please! That's her mother, Katie Stauffer behind her insanely creative videos and staging her hilariously relatable commentaries.


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Famous Stauffer family

Wondering why everyone is chanting their names? The mommy had documented her twin daughters, Mila, and Emma since they were babies. These two had developed amazing talents in delivering seriously astonishing comedy.


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With over 4 million followers, their entertainment has really been surprisingly successful. Of course, Mila being somewhat ahead in the game. Her expressions are catchy which leaves the watchers hooked to her candid performances.


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Emma is a little camera shy but her sister doesn't hold back anything, making sassy remarks and witty comebacks!


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Mila's views on pre-schooling

Katie recently launched their own youtube channel to triple the fun. Her following video features long sighs and disappointment in joining pre-school instead of law school at age 3. She jokingly portrays it as an ultimate disaster. Referring it as the lamest thing ever! Funny Mila tells how her parents make her do things but all she wanna do is play. Her humor is on point though!

She laughingly criticized kids of her age on how they act. Didn't even spare the teachers to lovingly mock them as being shady. Mila comments on how she had to make friends with other kids and was shocked by everyone's behavior there. All the way explaining that scene, her sweetness remained high!

The popularity has landed the twins in Hollywood as they are quite noticed by movie makers and advertisers.

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The twins' interview

Mila and Emma were invited to join an interview with the cast of Big Foot. Throughout the conversation, they were smart, gathered and adorable. Their questioning was so reasonable and natural, that everybody was left in complete awe!

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