What Happens When Dad Is In-Charge Of Bedtime? Father Shares An Adorable Footage With His Delightful Twins

Date October 11, 2018 14:15

If you like to take a warning before too much charm, here's your cue; Cuteness ahead, people!

Super dad, Simon aka Father Of Daughters or FOD, shares hilariously delightful videos with his naughty twins. Their bedtime is an ultimate frenzy, consisting of careless happy dances to upbeat music.


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Simon's fatherhood game is way too good. He invests time to pull funny pranks on his cuties. He hypes them up by spoiling the twins with his generous love and undivided attention. Let's move on guys, the quota of awesomeness is filled here!


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Hey, don't you wanna be a fun dad or parent like Simon? Okay, you do. We hear you.

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Tips for fathers to raise their daughters right

They are not just entertaining, what Simon is doing, is boasting confident in his daughters. Giving a space where they can be themselves and express to him, everything that goes on in their puzzle-y little minds. Here's how you can do the same:

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Simon's lovely family 


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His strong bond with family strings him back home, whenever he is away from the adorable twins. Their squad also has Mother Of Daughters or MOD. Due to his overwhelming presence, he makes the twin always miss him. Genius right? 


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Through his posts, he urges other people to embrace exhausting stress of parenthood positively. Yes, the kids gonna splatter water during bathtime, yes they are unbearably annoying when they ask you one thing a thousand times and absolutely yes, they only crave your attention all the time. Just try to keep up, calmly if that's possible.


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