Woman Shares Astonishing Before/After Photos Of Her Pregnancy, Showing How Her Belly Stretched To Its Limit

Date October 12, 2018 14:52

Twin pregnancies take double the toll on a mother's body. Everything gets more amplified and drastic as the time passes. The physique takes the heaviest shift in most cases. But it's truly a blessing in disguise!

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Woman shares her photos

Now, mother of three beautiful kids, Laura aka Mamaingeniera shared her before and after pregnancy photos. Her belly had ballooned up to its final limit. Laura's look was astonishing as it depicted how much strength it would have taken to even stand up in that condition.


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Along with photos, she shared her feelings as well. How anxiously, she waited for the twins and how desperate she was to finally cuddle with the sweet babies. She also explained it as an exhausting experience in which she could immediately get tired by even talking. 


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The shocks of cervical shortening and lack of sleep. She definitely liked the twins outside than inside her belly. She captioned:

 I do not miss how bad I was or how limited I was. 


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She is now happier than ever after bringing two adorable twins into the world. Laura is still sleep deprived but the grimace of weight is off her back now. Her concern of getting the same sized stomach as before is quite valid though! 

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How it actually feels like 

This video progressively shows each stage of twin pregnancy and the challenging process in a mother's body.

The new mothers should try out these tips after 3 months of giving birth:

  • consider changing your diet and cut 500 calories out of your meal plan;
  • consult your doctor if you can begin exercising again;
  • if he says yes, you can go for light cardio and start running on a treadmill or wherever;
  • focus on lower core workouts;
  • include your baby in gym routine to make it more fun and engaging.

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Facts you should know

This double blessing experience has some truths behind it that every woman should be aware of:

  • you are more likely to become pregnant with twins naturally when you are in your 30s and 40s;
  • if you have two buns in the oven, you may need extra folic acid;
  • you may need more frequent ultrasound appointments during twin pregnancies;
  • morning sickness would be worse with two in the belly;
  • kicking can be felt earlier with twins;
  • moms pregnant with twins may gain more weight than moms carrying one child.

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