Single Parenting Rocks! Father Of Four Shares Inspirational Story Of Raising His Kids

Date July 27, 2018

The U.S. Census Bureau (2011) states that there are about 13.7 million single parents living in the United States. Collectively these parents raise 22 million children, the number being roughly 26% of children in the country.

Many negative assumptions follow single parents, the most common being insinuations that they are selfish and feel a need to deny children the joy of having two parents. However, some of these parents have no choice in the matter and find the best way to give their children a balanced life.

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Seth Megow, 33, of Valdosta, Georgia is a single parent to four children, a boy and three girls. Following his divorce, he gained custody of his children and has his hands full taking care of them. Moreover, this is no easy feat.

While having children around can be fun, Megow says that it is also physically and emotionally demanding, even more so, as there is no other adult around to take on some of the responsibilities.

There is no one to tag out with. No one to jump in the ring for us, while we take a breather. At times we get so tired or emotionally/mentally/physically drained, it’s hard to keep up with it all.

But even with all the drama, Megow still finds the experience worthwhile. Whether he is making meals or going out on father/daughter dates, he feels an overwhelming sense of pride and joy in seeing his children happy.

Sometimes, being a single parent means making sacrifices he says, like putting off personal needs to make sure the children have what they need. 

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Finally, Megow has these words of advice for single parents, a reminder that their labor is not in vain and the joy they get from making their children happy is a reward on its own.

So, my single parent friends, yes you might be tired, neglected, financially strapped, and isolated. No one sees your sacrifices or trials. However, remember this is a blessing. It’s a Heavenly gift to be able to serve in private.

Megow and his children have a website,, where they get to share the fun times and days of their lives with fans. Megow also shares tips on life after divorce as well as his thoughts for the future.

Children may not seem to understand why single parenting occurs until they are much older, but it remains the responsibility of parents to make the process as painless as possible. Moreover, Megow’s story is sure to provide some positive reinforcement.

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