You're Adopted! This Beautiful Couple's Birthday Surprise To Their Daughter Came At The Perfect Time

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September 3, 2018 13:03 By Fabiosa

For over three years, this little girl and her siblings had been in the American foster care system. But their luck changed when a loving couple decided to adopt all three children as their own. Paige Zezulka shared the delightful story on her Facebook page last week and the touching story has gotten over 15million views already.

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Double birthday surprise

After a long wait, Zezulka and her partner found out that the adoption process was complete, and on no other day than their daughter’s birthday. As a special surprise, the couple decided to share the good news with their daughter on her birthday.

The couple captured the special moment when their daughter opened a box and found the adoption certificate. Neither Zezulka nor her partner or their daughter could hold back the tears in that warm moment.

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God listened

Zezulka revealed that her daughter had been praying to be adopted and it seems God heard her prayers right on time.

Zezulka and her partner began their adoption journey in 2015. Now, their wait is over and they have the loving family they always dreamed of.

According to Adoption Network, about 428,000 children are in the American foster care system, but only 135,000 are adopted each year with males outnumbering female adoptions. The average child waits at least three years before getting adopted. Thankfully, the wait is over for this young girl and her beautiful siblings.

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