Mom Of A 2-Year-Old Says She Will Not Stop Breastfeeding For A Long Time, Despite Being Busy

Date July 11, 2018 15:02

42-year-old Becky Vieira from San Francisco may look like your average mom, but she has recently revealed that she has a different take on breastfeeding. Being a writer and a stay-at-home mom means she has her hands full most of the time.

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However, she does not let it stop her from taking care of her son, 2-year-old Archer, who she is still actively breastfeeding. Vieira shares pictures on her Instagram, showing her at home, doing chores or working. And many photos display her son, attached to her and being breastfed.

Sometimes, she even takes her breastfeeding to what people consider 'extremes'. For example, she confessed that she even feeds her son in the loo, or while cleaning house.

Many moms are happy that Vieira is still breastfeeding her son, and feel that she is setting a good example.

Other moms have said I made them feel less alone and helped normalize extended breastfeeding. Many moms who were unable to breastfeed are incredibly supportive and encourage me to continue.

Others are not so comfortable with the idea. However, Vieira is quite confident about what she is doing.

She says she started breastfeeding her son because it was expected of her as the new mother. But she also felt disturbed by antagonism faced by mothers who breastfeed for longer than a year.

It was uncomfortable initially, it felt like someone rubbed sandpaper on my nipple and put it into a pencil sharpener. But I saw how healthy he was and how he was growing.

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At first, she kept breastfeeding her son, who suffers from acid reflux, in order to calm his symptoms. But, months after his birth, she shows no signs of stopping. She says she will continue to breastfeed her son for as long as she can.

It is not always comfortable since he has a tendency to bite now, especially when he falls asleep while being fed. But she takes it in her stride as a part of motherhood experience.

In spite of the antagonism she faces, Vieira gets a lot of support on social media, not only from the women who breastfeed for longer than usual, but also, from people who didn't get breastfed as a child.

Another mother, Lisa Bridger from Adelaide, has 5 children, and she has been breastfeeding them for a total of over 2 decades. She still continues to breastfeed two of her sons, despite the fact that she's been accused of being abusive by the social workers. Chase, 7, and Phoenix,4, are both autistic.

While there is no rule that bars a mother from breastfeeding their children beyond a certain age, some medical practitioners warn about the increased likelihood of tooth decay in children who are breastfed for longer periods.

It is always advisable to consult a doctor before deciding on a course of action when it comes to breastfeeding.

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