Father's Love: Molly Schultz Was Stunned That Her Father Watched The Birth Of His Granddaughter

Date October 3, 2018 17:06

Witnessing the birth of a baby is an amazing experience, assuming you have the stomach for it. These days, delivery rooms in many countries are less restricted so women can have other people besides their partners with them at that special moment.

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Nevertheless, there are no general rules that dictate who can be in the delivery room. Some hospitals allow family members inside during labor but not during birth. It is important to ask what restrictions apply before choosing a hospital for delivery. For most hospitals, the fewer the better as medical personnel require space to do their work. Nevertheless, the fair policy allows three people at most.

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Mothers have a big role to play in deciding who stays in the delivery room. Childbirth can be dramatic and even embarrassing sometimes. The memories made in the room may not fade quickly so women need to be ok sharing this moment, to begin with.

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A man watched his daughter give birth

Molly Schultz from Boise, Idaho, was 21 when she gave birth to her first daughter, Presley. Her father happened to be with her in the hospital room during her delivery although under hilarious circumstances.

Schultz was rushed to the hospital for an emergency delivery and her parents flew in to be with her. sadly, the hospital room was crowded so her father barely found room to sit. He could not stand to see his daughter in pain, as her labor lasted for 45 minutes, so he turned his face to the wall.

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Just when Schultz wanted to give up, her dad turned to her and said

It’s okay Molz, you got this! 

Schultz was shocked that her father sat through the entire process, even more so because his face was still turned to the wall. But his soothing words calmed her immediately and her daughter was born.

Schultz’s father died when her daughter was three and a half years old, but she holds on to the memory like it was yesterday. Not many men get to witness the birth of their grandchildren and for her, that moment will always be special and she will share it with Presley when she grows up.

Earlier this year, another couple shared the intimate moment of childbirth with members of their family, Mia and Sienna had a home birth and their two children witnessed the beautiful moment when their siblings were born.

Childbirth is a life-changing moment for mothers and is a beautiful thing when mothers share this special moment with family members and loved ones. Have you witnessed one before?

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