This Family Is Obsessed With Disney: The Ruvalcabas Have Visited The Theme Park In California Over 300 Times

Date August 9, 2018 18:02

Hanging out with family and friends at theme parks provides an awesome opportunity to bond and let go of stress. Disneyland is still one of the most sought-after relaxation destinations for millions of Americans.

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With as little as $97, children can enjoy the magical world of Disney characters which are on display all year round. The Pixar Fest is still on and ends on September 3. If movies are more your thing, check out the Pixar Shorts Film Festival, also open until September 3.

Other activities available at the theme parks include cruises, amusing games, dancing and photo sessions with popular Disney characters. The list is endless and runs well into the start of 2019.

One particular family has taken their love for Disneyland to a completely new level. The Ruvalcabas live in Norwalk, Southern California, next door to the park. At least once a week, they usually all dress up as their favorite Disney characters and visit Disneyland.

Mom Jennifer is so involved in the family time-out; she even took up sewing lessons and makes outfits for the children. So far, she has made over 60 outfits for her six-year-old daughter Riley and started on 20 for her son, two-year-old son Liam.

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Together the family has visited Disneyland over 300 times. While it may seem like a lot of money gets spent on tickets, the Ruvalcabas revealed:

We have annual passes to go to Disneyland...about $179 a month for the family to go…and that includes parking and all of that so it’s really affordable.

The Ruvalcaba parents enjoy spending time with their children at the park and the children seem to enjoy it as much.

The kids love to just play and take pictures with the princesses…the princes…

This delightful family enjoys a large following on Instagram where they get to share pictures from their adventures at Disneyland on a regular basis.

randomly_riley / Instagram

randomly_riley / Instagram

With the amount of devotion this delightful family gives their visits to Disneyland, it will not be surprising if the park signs them up as ambassadors or even gives them a loyalty reward. More fun to go around.

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