Dad Laments Lack Of Changing Tables At Male Restrooms, Says, Fathers' Lives Matter Too

Date September 26, 2018

Lack of changing tables in the men's toilet is fast becoming a problem for dads who need to change their children's diapers.

This dad expressed his frustration on Love What Matters that he always needs to use his thighs to support his son anytime he goes to change his diapers in the male restroom as they never have any changing tables.

According to him, he had taken his family out for a treat, when he decided to change the diaper of his son. His first son, who was present to help, then took pictures of the position he assumed in order to change the diapers and showed them to his mother. 

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While they had a good laugh, his wife took note of the fact that she never had to change her son that way, as there were always changing tables at women's restrooms which she visited.

He then asked the question,

Is our lack of fatherhood that bad in our society where restaurants don’t even bother to put changing tables in men’s restrooms?

Should you change diapers in public places?

Many parents have experienced the challenge of having a baby while on an outing. Most of the time, there are only two options: change in a restroom available, or change right where you are.

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According to a mother's experience shared on Cloud Mom, half of the time, there is never a changing table in the restroom, and so you have to make do with changing your baby on your lap.

What happens when there is no restroom available, do you then change the diaper right where you are? Not minding if it is a public place, or a restaurant even?

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section!

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Fatherhood is beautiful

In this YouTube video, watch fathers and their children have really great and exciting times together.

It is great that more fathers are beginning to take responsibility for their children without expecting to be praised and are also requesting that society helps them by providing amenities as they provide for the mothers.

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