Grieving Mother Shares About The Sudden Death Of Her Baby: She Is Now Set To Spread Awareness About Infant Deaths Through A Photoshoot

Date October 2, 2018 16:43

Mothers desperately wait for their little angels to arrive in this world. This hold-up sounds exhausting enough! The loss of infants is another tragedy on top of that. It's unbearable to even imagine the toll it takes on a mother's body and mind!

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Statistic facts and reason behind infant deaths

According to CDC data, in 2016 there were more than 3,600 sudden deaths in the baby crib in America. These unfortunate deaths of kids who are less than 1 year old, seem to have no known cause. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, SIDSis a condition itself which kills the baby unexpectedly.

The only fair reason reported until now is lack of oxygen. As newly developed lungs can't adopt the atmosphere quickly. Accidental strangulation in bed can also be a cause of such horrible phenomena. So, the needle only revolves around babies being suffocated.  

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This Mom’s photoshoot brings awareness of infant loss

Mom, Kyrstyn Johnson was mourning the loss of her son. On the day, what would have been his first birthday, she did a breathtakingly beautiful photo shoot. Dedicating the themed photos to her angel baby. She now hopes for people to start the conversation about infants passing away.

She is a 22-year-old mom who already had two adorable daughters, named Violet and Lilah. Krystyn was head over heels when her boy, Mayson was born on August 22, 2017. But it ran like a morbid shock through her as he died just four days before he turned 8 months old from SIDS.

The sorrowful mom wrote to Parents Mag:

SIDS doesn’t discriminate and even at almost 8 months old, it mercilessly took my child, yet it's still not obvious why or how he could just die. I'm now in the club of broken parents who will always be missing their brighter than the sun baby.

She now feels the pain of mothers whose mental and emotional state took the heaviest hit. Encourages others to support parents through their angry and depressed days.

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How to recognize SIDS and possibly prevent it?

This short video about SIDS warns about early symptoms of this condition. Luckily, there may also be possible ways to stop it.

We hope they learn to live again. Instead of being frozen in grief their time moves forward and bring joy. Please don't forget to share this story!

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