Kate Hudson's Social Media Posts Prove She's Happier Than Ever With Her Loving Boyfriend And Daddy-To-Be Danny Fujikawa

Date June 22, 2018 15:20

Kate Hudson seems like a very happy mommy-to-be these days.

In April, famous actress announced she and her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa, are expecting their first baby daughter.


06-10-86 Happy birthday baby ❤️ #LoveOfMyLife @swimswammyslippyslappy

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Hudson already has two children from her two previous marriages, and now, her wonderful family is growing bigger.

Aside from being surrounded by loving kids, family members, and glowing from her pregnancy, Hudson is also very lucky with Danny.


Auntie @sophielopez giving us a belly kiss pre fitting 💋 #ShesGettingBig 🤰

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The two had known each other before Kate gave birth to her first child back in 2004. Two kids and two divorces later, they finally came together, and it certainly looks like they were meant to be.

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Hudson often posts wonderful pictures of her with Fujikawa. The couple loves traveling together, and although their adventures are currently on hold, they are very excited to take on another exciting journey: raising their daughter.

Funny man

One of the reasons Kate loves spending time with her boyfriend is clearly his sense of humor. Danny himself often posts funny pics of himself on Instagram.


Now so long, Mountainman It's time that we began to laugh And cry and cry and laugh about it all again…

Публикация от Danny Fujikawa (@swimswammyslippyslappy)



Публикация от Danny Fujikawa (@swimswammyslippyslappy)

Fujikawa is loving, caring, and makes Kate laugh, what more does anyone need to be happy?


Goodbye Cambodia! 'Twas a life-changer!

Публикация от Danny Fujikawa (@swimswammyslippyslappy)

We can't wait for their baby girl to be born and see adorable baby pics!

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