Dad Admitted To Killing His 6-Month-Old Infant For Crying But Begged For Mercy: "I Never Meant To Kill Him"

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June 19, 2018 17:28 By Fabiosa

For almost a year, the death of 6-month-old Ruben Sweet-Harris remained a mystery. The infant boy died from a brain injury on May 31 of 2017 while being looked after by his father, Lee Anthony Sweet.

After extensive medical investigation, the boy's father couldn't hide the truth any longer and admitted to killing his own son. Sweet explained that while he was babysitting his son, little Ruben wouldn't stop crying. Overwhelmed by the infants' screams, Lee grabbed the boy and shook him until he became unresponsive. 

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Lee denied any knowledge of how his son suffered injuries for almost an entire year when truth finally caught up to him.


He admitted to manslaughter but insisted that he didn't intend to hurt his son. Lee told the police:

I only realized what I had done when he stopped crying. I never meant to kill him.

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Judge sentenced Lee Anthony Sweet to jail for 5 years and 4 months – a verdict that is too short for such a horrendous crime.

However, Sweet's mourning over the loss of his child must've worked on the judge, which is why he got away with such a relatively short term in prison. According to Lee's attorney:

He was a young man with depression with no experience of looking after a young child. All he wanted was for Ruben to stop crying. 


What do you think about the verdict? Should Lee Anthony Sweet have been punished worse? 

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