“I've Fathered 800 Children” Unlicensed Sperm Donor Tells His Story About Being A Multi-Children Dad For 16 Years

Date November 14, 2018 15:58

Sperm donation gives women a chance to get pregnant and become a mother of long-awaited babies. Sometimes, artificial insemination is the only way to make this dream come true. Major recipients are usually single women, lesbian and heterosexual couples.

As reported by the Donor Sibling Registry, around 30,000 children are born via donor insemination every year.

“I've Fathered 800 Children” Unlicensed Sperm Donor Tells His Story About Being A Multi-Children Dad For 16 Yearsleedsn /

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Donor who has 800 kids

The 41-years-old Simon Watson has been donating his sperm for around 16 years, doing it once a week. Moreover, he is an unlicensed donor. Watson is already a father of 800 children and is not going to stop. On the contrary, Simon is planning to increase this number.

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As reported by BBC, private licensed clinics are rather expensive, and not everybody can afford them, as it is necessary to pay around $650-1300 for each cycle of treatment. By the way, officially sperm donors are allowed to father no more than 10 kids.

Simon offers a much lower price, around $65, and many clients reach him out on social media. The man claims he is doing everything faster than licensed clinics, and clients get what they want. Also, he says a third of his donations work first time.

Nevertheless, professionals claim that unlicensed donors put women at risk of sexual diseases and hereditary disorders.

Similar case

Simon is not the only sperm donor with lots of children. On this video Michael Runibo, a sperm donor who fathered 19 kids, meets all children for the first time.

Despite the fact that Simon has such a big experience of being a sperm donor, it is highly recommended to use only regulated and licensed clinics in order to protect yourself from possible complications.

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