How Adorable! An Excited Dad Shares A Touching Moment With His Triplets That Could Melt Everybody's Hearts

Date October 11, 2018 11:13

Multiple births are becoming rare, and the chances that expecting American couples would find themselves with twins, triplets, or quadruplets are now less likely than in 2014.

Y’all are a blessing, comfort, and an inspiration. Thank you for all that you share. We are getting our feet on the ground here. 6 weeks (0 adjusted). Much love to you all. ✌🏽 from r/parentsofmultiples

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What are your chances of getting twins or triplets?

For couples in the U.S. that dream of having those cute twin or triplet photoshoots: Only a mere 4,123 triplets were born in American in 2015. And only 133,155 pregnancies resulted in twin births in the same year.

This decline is not made easy by the tons of social media accounts of adoring parents showing off their cute little angels dressed alike. For instance, when this dad shared his experience of raising triplets, including boasting about his diaper changing and triplet carrying skills, he stole our hearts.

This adorable triplet dad will make you jealous

But not as much as this brand new dad of triplets, whose adorable photo of his babies is melting everyone's hearts.

So...two of our babies held hands for the first time. I’m melting. from r/parentsofmultiples

He proudly showed off the loving moment two of his babies reached out to hold hands for the first time while all three of them were asleep, and it's unbelievably touching.

The photo was shared on the Reddit account parentsofmultiples, where he first revealed that his sons were born in September and eagerly asked other parents 'new dad questions' about breastfeeding, Boppy pillows, and more. Too cute!




People are in awe of the timely shot of the boys holding hands. One commenter gushed, "My head is swimming for you." To which the new dad hilariously replied that he has now become accustomed to swimming in babies' bodily fluids since their birth. He does not seem to mind getting messy though!

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