2 Little Boys Become Advocates For Albinism After Their Mom Turns Them Into Instagram Stars

Date August 20, 2018

On Instagram, Patricia Williams refers to her sons as #targaryenbrothers. And for fans of the iconic Game of Thrones series, she could not have picked a better hashtag for her babies. Why?


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Living with Albino 

Like the lead characters of the fantasy series, her third and fourth sons, Redd and Rockwell were born Albinos. They are very unlike their two older siblings, who like Patricia and her husband Dale do not have the rare condition.

But, instead of raising them up in a world where they are defined and limited by their condition, she took to showing off her boys in awesome and fun family shoots on social media.

How they found out

Her sons may have become little rock stars - Redd is a sought-after kid model - yet Patricia only began to learn about albinism after Redd was born with very white hair.


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At first, she and Dale assumed he was extremely blond, but they soon learned that his hair and eye color were a result of an absence of the enzyme responsible for melanin.

Raising awareness and online reactions

They also did some research and realized that they both were carriers of albinism with a 25 percent chance of passing on the condition to their children.

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But thanks to Patricia's choice to raise awareness, Redd has now modeled for a wide range of magazines including La Petite Magazine. And people are just in love with her boys.

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