Losers Or Cool Parents? 11-Year-Old Was Home Alone For Almost 2 Days While Her Parents Had Fun At A Rock Concert

Date August 28, 2018 18:11

A couple from Spring, Texas, have been charged to court with child endangerment for their terrible parenting.

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What were they thinking?

John Michael Guerrero, Jr. and Virginia Yearnd, both parents of an 11-year-old, left her at home unsupervised for almost two days when they travelled to Detriot to see the rock band, Godflesh.

Antonio Guillem /

The 11-year-old was discovered to be on her own the next day after a relative rang their home. The attention of law enforcement was called and when police deputies showed up, they found the youngster cooking her own meal.

This isn't even the first time

After several futile efforts to reach the couple, Yearnd finally responded. In a court document, she claimed her sister had been contacted to look after the girl. But, the youngster denied this and said she'd been left alone repeatedly in the past.

She said she had tried to reach her parents herself and only gotten their voicemail. As a general rule, legally, Guerrero and Yearnd were not even supposed to leave their daughter for more than 3 hours or through the night for that matter. Online, people are calling them losers. What do you think?

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