Babysitter Was Accused Of Stealing $3,000 In Valuables From The Family She Was Working For

Date June 29, 2018

If you’ve noticed that your nanny takes things that do not belong to her, you have to question her integrity. Despite how much you and your kids like her, can she keep the kids safe if she steals? Theft, no matter how seemingly small it is, is a serious issue.

The recent case proves that you should be very careful and vigilant when you hire a nanny.

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Stolen goods

Amber Murley from Canyon Lakes West in Cypress decided to hire a nanny to take care of her 4 children, including 4-month-old twins. When she was searching for the right person, she stumbled across where she found 19-year-old Tiffany Monique Wright. The young woman seemed to be the perfect candidate, having all the needed requirements and good references. So, she was hired.

One day, Amber's daughter went to go play the PlayStation and discovered that it was gone. When Marley look further, she found out that it wasn’t the only thing that was missing. Multiple Michael Kors purses, wallets, and watches, as well as many other things worth more than $3,000 were stolen.

She called Wright, but nobody answered. The stealing nanny was arrested and put into jail. As it turned out, she had already spent 5 days in jail for stealing last year.

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What to do if you suspect that your nanny steals?

If you ever find yourself in the situation where you suspect that a person who takes care of your kids is stealing, you should think of what is best for your family. Moms, who had to deal with things like that before, suggest looking for a new nanny because the trust is forever broken.  

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