Dad To 5 Foster Children, Who Was Paralyzed In A Football Accident, Celebrated His First Father's Day

Date June 19, 2018 12:16

On April 21, 2018, one man’s biggest dream came true. 26-year-old Chris Norton, who was left paralyzed following college football accident in 2010, married the love of his life, Emily Summers.

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He wanted to make the day extra special for both of them so he trained to walk his beautiful bride 7 yards down the aisle.

Nearly two months went by, and the newlyweds couldn’t be happier with their life. On Saturday, Chris and Emily took their five foster children – who are all under age 8 – to a special trip to commemorate Father’s Day. The Norton family traveled to Lion Country Safari in Florida.

Chris commented:

There is no greater experience than seeing our kids light up with joy and excitement. They come from situations that are unimaginable and rarely or never get to have an experience of staying in a hotel and going to a zoo.

Emily and Chris made the trip a complete surprise. The kids had no idea where they were going. When they found out they are going to a zoo, they couldn’t hold their excitement and yelled every time they saw an animal.

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For Chris, every moment is special. In 2010, his life completely changed, as he suffered a spinal cord injury when he was an 18-year-old freshman at Luther College in Iowa. The young man was playing a football game when he mistimed a play. The doctors said Norton had only three percent chance of ever being able to move anything below his neck.

Today, his 25-year-old wife says he does “so much” for their family. Emily commented:

He’s the biggest supporter and is such a great example of how a husband and father should be. It has been incredible seeing the impact he makes in our kids’ life by the way he lives his life.

Being foster parents, the couple wants to make their foster kids feel extremely loved as they won’t be with them forever. Their main goal is to fill their lives with amazing experiences they could remember for a long time. It seems Chris and Emily are doing extremely well so far!

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