James Corden Opens Up About An Incredibly Romantic Way He Met His Wife Julia

Date June 28, 2018

Recently, the Late Late Show's host James Corden and his wife Julia Carey welcomed their third child. With a successful career, wonderful family, and stunning wife, Corden is one lucky guy. What’s more, his and his wife’s love story looks like the next script to a new British rom-com.


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How James met Julie

Nine years ago, James was living in a small flat in London with his best mate, actor Dominic Cooper. After breaking up with his girlfriend of eight years and wrapping in the blanket of a devastating heartbreak, James hit the capital’s party scene in order to forget about the pain. But then, he settled for a quiet life in front of a TV.


One day, Corden received an invitation to Save the Children event, the organization for which his wife was working for, but he didn’t want to go. However, Dominic’s persuasion skills were exceptional, and the two went to the event.


It was there where James was introduced to his future wife Julia, whom he called ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’ as soon as he saw her.

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The life-changing conversation

The pair became quickly infatuated with each other. Moreover, they did something very unusual – started planning their future together an hour and a half after they met.


Two years later, they got married and welcomed their first child, Max. Now, Max is seven, their second child, Carey, is three, and recently, the family became one person bigger – Julia gave birth to a baby daughter Charlotte six month ago.

Even though having three young children is a “nightmare”, James says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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