Woman Reveals Why She Is Sending Her Child To Forest School Instead Of Kindergarten

Date July 11, 2018 16:12

Forest schools are gaining more and more popularity throughout recent years. They can boast a child-centered learning instead of testing, surrounded by fresh air and trees.

But can those hippie-like environments help prepare children for the technology-obsessed world we are living in?

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Forest school over kindergarten

Katharine Reid made an important choice in her life and the life of her 4-year-old son. From September, every Tuesday, she will drop him at forest school. She already imagines her son building fire, climbing trees, and learning how to use a knife. She’s a little bit scared but mostly excited because she knows he will learn a lot – from problem-solving to using his creative mind.

But what made Katharine think that a forest school would be a better choice for her son?

She simply believes that kindergarten hides more dangers. She doesn’t want her son to shut down in a busy classroom and feel the pressure to keep up at such a young age.

Katharine feels like four- and five-year-old kids don’t need to be concerned about academic success just yet. A forest school is an alternative type of education, which encourages children to be curious. Moreover, it’s more child-oriented, as one teacher is responsible for a group of only six students.

For now, Katharine’s son will have the opportunity to enjoy the pressure- and competition-free world.

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Little messages from forest schools around the world

Do you think Katharine is doing the right thing for her 4-year-old son?

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