Dad Arrived At Station To Pick Up 19-Year-Old Daughter, Told She Had Thrown Herself Under Train

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June 21, 2018 18:10 By Fabiosa

The awful tragedy of a young person taking their own life because of overwhelming hopelessness is devastating to the family, friends, and community as a whole. Many people close to someone who decided to take such a terrible action are left wondering if there was anything they could have done to prevent it.

This is what is running through the minds of Calthrop family who suffered a devastating loss. Lara Calthrop had thrown herself under a train after losing her university place and finding herself in debt, owing council tax.

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Her father came to pick her up at the train station, but instead of his beloved 19-year-old daughter, he met police. Lara failed her first-year exams at Queen Mary's University in London but continued living with her flatmates. She didn’t know that because she wasn’t a student anymore, she would need to pay council tax.

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Since the loss of her child, Lara’s mother and the rest of her family had been raising money for the teenage suicide awareness charity. She said:

We spoke on a daily basis and are heartbroken that she didn't open up to us about the difficulties she was facing. For us, those problems were all solvable but a 19-year-old doesn’t always rationalize in the same way that adults do.

One of Lara's friends dedicated a heartfelt song to her:

Finding out about what might lead a teen to suicide and picking up the warning signs may be helpful in preventing further tragedies. Many troubled teens have given some type of a warning to their loved ones, so it’s very important to watch and listen. If parents noticed that something is wrong, they should not hesitate to ask questions and get professional help immediately.

Even though situations like that are not always preventable, it’s always a good idea to be vigilant and take actions to help a troubled teenager.

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