Precious Moment: Viral Video Shows Newborn Twins Having Their First Conversation

Date October 1, 2018 16:37

It doesn’t come as a surprise that twins have a unique bond. After sharing such an incredible moment in life as birth and many other milestones together, twins are each other’s best friends and loyal companions.

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Many people believe their emotional connection may form straight in their mother’s womb. This adorable video of newborn twins only proves the theory.

First conversation

Recently, a woman gave birth to two beautiful twin girls. Luckily, there weren’t any complications during labor and the babies are doing well. After they were all cleaned up, dressed, and put into warm blankets, the excited mom decided to shoot a little video of them.

There hasn’t been much research confirming that babies can actually talk to each other, but when these adorable twins were lying next to one another, their mom managed to capture an amazing interaction.

The baby girls appeared to be checking out on each other to make sure they are ok. It looks like they are having their first conversation!

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We wonder what they are talking about? “Did you get out okay?”  - one appears to be asking. “I think I did, did you?” – the other seems to be responding. How adorable this is!

The pair might have found a way to communicate with each other as they grew in their mother’s tummy.

Another adorable interaction

How it would look like if the chat between two twin babies was translated? This is how!

Isn’t it the cutest thing you’ve seen this week?

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