Shocking Video Of A 10-Year-Old Child Getting A Real Tattoo With His Mom’s Permission Sparks Social Media Outrage

Date September 27, 2018 16:33

A shocking moment when a 10-year-old child gets a real tattoo on his arm, which was captured on camera, leads to an outrage on social media and a police investigation.

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The viral video shows a little boy getting permanently inked on his arm inside a home in Ohio while several adults watch. It is believed that it was shot by the boy’s mother. In the clip, the child is sitting on a woman’s lap while a 16-year-old applies a tattoo.

undefinedStorm Harrington / Facebook

Ohio police visited the child’s home and concluded that the boy was not in distress. His mother, apparently, approved him getting inked. The video has been shared hundreds of times and led to numerous calls to police. However, the investigators don’t know what crimes have been committed so no one has been charged yet.

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Despite the fact that in the United States there are no federal laws concerning tattoos, all 50 states require a tattoo receiver to be 18 or older. /

However, most states permit a person under the age of 18 to get a tattoo with a parent or guardian’s permission while some prohibit the tattooing of underage even with the permission.

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