Mysterious Case: Heartbroken Mom Receives A Letter From Her Daughter Who Vanished 5 Years Ago

Date August 2, 2018 15:42

According to statistics, every year around 460,000 children are reported missing in the US alone. But the number might be inaccurate due to many factors like under-reporting, deletion of records when the case gets closed, and so on. Some of them are ‘stranger abduction’ cases, which means that a child was taken by an unknown person.

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What to do?

If your child gets missing, thoroughly search your home and then call your local law enforcement agency, as well as the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Provide every detail about your child that is possible, including their name, age, height, weight, clothes they were wearing, and any unique identifiers.

Make sure to educate your children on the issue and teach them to never accept any gifts from strangers, never go to places with an unknown person and try to escape if someone follows them or forces them to get into a car.

However, sometimes children can just run away, leaving their parents heartbroken, wondering what happened to them.

A mysterious case of a missing girl

A devastated mom from Florida received a letter from her daughter who went missing 5 years ago when she was 14 years old.

Pam Massimiani took to her Facebook account to say that her daughter Emily Paul, who now would be 19, emailed a letter home. According to People, the police is still looking to confirm whether it is the real Emily, however, Pam is “pretty sure” the letter was written by her daughter.

Emily disappeared after leaving a note which stated her intentions to run away. It looks like she followed tips found on a website on how to run away successfully. Since then, she never contacted her family and never resurfaced on the internet.

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Previously, Pam wrote a message to her on Facebook:

Emily, I am missing you a lot today. I miss you every day. You're on my mind heavy today and wish you would come home or just give us a call. We love you, and no amount of time that has passed will change that.

People showed their support

The content of the letter from Emily is kept in private for now. It is unknown whether she is planning to return home or not and why she decided to disappear.

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