Her 12-Year-Old Daughter Receives Cruel Bullying Messages. To Support Her, The Mom Posts Them Online

Date July 2, 2018

Who but a mom cares about her kid the most. Only mothers know what’s better for their children. They come to support them in the most difficult life situations, and no matter what they do or say, they do it with love.

This mother, Janine Hann, has done what she considered to be best. She wanted to support her kids when others were tormenting and trying to break her. So, she posted online the awful messages her daughter received. Hann did this to show both her kid and everyone how strong she was.

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App for bullying?

Indeed, the girl kept her head up and smiling when her cellphone was bombarded with disgusting and insulting messages. She did nothing to deserve that.

But somehow kids at her school have decided she is worth all those curse words they used to name her with. She was bullied both at school and online.

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She needs support!

People from everywhere who read her story started encouraging the girl to keep her head up. She’s better than all those people who say bad words. She just deserves more!