Woman Goes Into Labor While Riding The Roller Coaster And Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

Date July 26, 2018 14:07

It totally wasn’t what this woman expected when she decided to visit Six Flags Over Georgia with her daughter.

Accidental birth

On the whole, it was meant to be another great family day at the park. Crusita went there with her daughter, and together, they were enjoying Hurricane Harbor on July 23. Suddenly, the woman felt she went into labor. Luckily, she gave birth to a healthy baby Mathew.

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Six Flags Over Georgia’s help

Naturally, the park workers called EMTs, and with their help, the woman managed to bring the baby into the world. What is more, the park granted the mother and baby Mathew the special Diamond Elite Memberships. It allows them free visits to any Six Flags park for life!

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Public reactions

People on social media started wondering what she was doing at Six Flags pregnant and how extreme was that ride. On the whole, everyone was just amazed at what happened.

It’s great that everything went well and both the mother and the baby are fine. Let’s wish them lots of health.

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