Panic Attacks, Fainting, And Vomiting: Passengers Trapped On A Plane Without An Air Unit For 3 Hours

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July 4, 2018 17:18 By Fabiosa

Things happen, planes get delayed all the time, but such an utter violation of any norms hasn’t happened for a long time.

Trapped without an air unit

Thomas Cook airlines passengers heading from Greece to London appeared to be virtually trapped in a plane practically without air for 3 hours. There was no air unit, and it resulted in a real disaster on board.

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The temperatures rose up to 104 Fahrenheit, people were fainting and throwing up. There were lots of senior citizens, pregnant women and kids. Some of the people were traveling alone for the first time. There were even those who suffered panic attacks.

People were desperate

Travelers used safety instructions as fans to get themselves at least some air. They call such an experience an absolute chaos. It’s inhumane to treat animals like that, let alone people. Here’s a video to give the idea about how it was.

To top all that, there were only several bottles of water for the whole plane, including the crew. One hour after leaving the plane, people weren’t given any free water.

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Thomas Cook airlines' response

Their comments on Twitter were just ridiculous and worth nothing. Neither compassion nor sympathy let alone the sense of responsibility is traced in their replies.

Thankfully, the passengers are all safe and sound now.

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