Chip Gaines Speaks About “Taking A Break” And Remaining Active After Becoming A Father Of 5

Date July 20, 2018

The Gaines family has recently welcomed their 5th baby, and they seem to be more than thrilled about that.

Growing family and their plans

Back in the days when the 5th baby of the Gaines family was still in Joanna’s belly, there were lots of disputes as to why they have decided to have this baby.

Some said it was to keep the family together. However, the parents didn’t have any intentions of listening to such offenses.

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Instead, Joanna said she imagines herself being pregnant even when she is 45. This clearly means they don’t have any intentions to stop.

Taking a break?

All in all, both Chip and Joanna seem to be more than happy with their 5 kids. However, it’s fine if they might need to relax from all the family duties from time to time.

Chip has recently posted a breathtaking video of himself having some time off on a yacht. Here’s how he captioned the video:

You gotta take a break every once in a while.

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And it’s totally right of him! The kids need a happy and easy-going dad.

Public reactions

All in all, the fans have welcomed such an attitude. They said it’s great he can relax and have a healthy family relationship at the same time.

They are a great example of a real family with true values and love in every of them! Good luck, Chip and Joanna, in everything you start!

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