Ellen DeGeneres Shared A Video On Twitter With Steve Harvey Having A Workout With "The World’s Tiniest Fitness Guru" Chacha

Date June 25, 2018

It’s time to open new talents and when it comes to kids, they are so versatile and full of life that they seem to be the best source to search for some gems.

Steve Harvey seems to know that perfectly well, so he invites extremely talented kids to his show Little Big Shots. The American TV series that’s been co-created and produced by the man himself together with Ellen DeGeneres. There, the host features kids demonstrating their talents and having engaging conversations with them.

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Recently, Ellen has shared a tweet with a video from the Little Big Shots series. In the video, Steve Harvey is having an exciting conversation with a little girl named Chacha. She is a real fitness guru and didn’t miss her chance to have a little workout with Steve.

Apparently, Ellen liked the precious talent after watching the episode when she makes Steve do some pushups in his smart suit.

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Twitter users fully agreed with Ellen and called Chacha a cutie! She is a colorful girl both on the outside and the inside! 

Right? And what do you think about that?

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