'Am I Too Old For That?' 4 Ways You Limit Yourself From Finding Love And Dating After 60

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January 21, 2019 10:34 By Fabiosa

When you are young, dating is fun since you have time for the endless phone calls, walks around the park, and the romantic dinners that easily become treasured memories. But as one ages, dating becomes challenging as there are too many responsibilities and the time for random plans and hangouts is limited.

Sometimes, however, mature ladies sabotage their own chances of finding love and companionship!


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How senior women ruin their chances of love

To mature women, dating is a challenge since we are more selective, less outgoing, and often think that it’s not worth it. Here are four major factors that might prevent senior women from finding love.

'I am no longer attractive' – This is a lie!

Well, it is no secret that with time, your body changes as wrinkles shout from your forehead and even when you try to look pretty; your skin just doesn’t want to cooperate. But, when you believe you are not attractive, then your thoughts get power over you. If you stop believing you are attractive, you will develop self-doubt and lose confidence in yourself.


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'There are no good men left' – Who said so?

Sometimes, mature women get too caught up in the past and think that all the good men are either taken or dead. A major factor to overcoming this mindset is that instead of locking yourself away, try new things and along the way, you will meet the man of your dreams. Also, take advantage of dating apps but remember to be wary of scammers.


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'I am too old' – Love has no expiry date!

Other times, seniors think they are too old for love and this prevents them from finding the love, care, and joy they need. So, overcome this pessimistic thought by knowing that love never fades and if your heart is still beating, then you deserve affection.


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'Men only want younger women' – Greatest scam ever!

We have all heard of the statement that ‘men are visual creatures’ and sometimes we think they are only attracted to younger women. This belief is self-limiting since it makes us overlook our strengths, such as the beauty that comes with years of experience in the art of caring, companionship, and love.


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How to date again and find love at 60

Here are additional tips that will help you find love after 60:

  • know that you are not alone since if you are single, then there are others like you;
  • it’s never too late to be happy again and dating is an adventure;
  • if you go out on a date and it’s hard, try, and try again since disappointments are normal;
  • use dating apps to make meeting new people easier;
  • always be ‘yourself'.

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When you accept that you can find love, then you will be surprised at how easy it finds you too since love does not discriminate on age and it does not fade. 

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