Mother Who Had Twins With Down Syndrome Found Out That She Was Pregnant With Two Other Twins! She Was Ecstatic!

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January 10, 2019 17:38 By Fabiosa

We think your daughter has Down syndrome,

were the first words Kecia Cox heard after delivering her baby via C-section. Before she had even held her third child, the 27-year-old mother was crushed, feeling as though her world had ended. 

I felt like my whole world stopped…It must be a dream, this couldn’t be happening to me.

Despite her initial expectations, her daughter Bree would come to change her life completely. She was a blessing in disguise.

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Bree’s birth changed their lives forever

After receiving the news that her child had Down's syndrome, Kecia was filled with worry, as she feared for her infant daughter's future and that of her whole family. Despite her fears, Kecia gave herself courage as she tried to stay optimistic.

Three years later, the family had successfully adjusted to having a child with Down's syndrome, and Kecia decided to try for another child. But, despite her optimism, Kecia’s two consecutive pregnancies ended prematurely with an ectopic pregnancy and the other with a miscarriage at 16 weeks. For any mother, such an outcome would be devastating. For Kecia, it was heart-breaking.

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When she was at the lowest point of her life, Kecia received a sign from Ukraine, where she found a 4-year-old girl with Down's syndrome. The girl, who was only a month older than her Bree, had spent her entire life in a hospital and an orphanage and Kecia felt that she needed to extend her caring mother’s hand.

Within five months and with help from family, friends, and other well-wishers, Kecia and her husband flew to Ukraine to adopt little Mia, who finally found a family that would give her the love and care she desperately needed.

A shocking discovery

But only a week after returning home with her new daughter, Kecia felt ill. When she visited the hospital, her doctors had more shocking news for her.

I hear…two…Yes, you have TWO babies

For Kecia, finding out that she was pregnant with twins after two failed pregnancies and adoption was news she could not have never seen coming. And on hearing it, she was more than ecstatic! 37 weeks later, after a trying pregnancy that required a procedure to correct twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, Kecia delivered her two healthy babies.

Finally, with a total of six children, Kecia thought that her family was complete. But once again, she was wrong.

The last member of the family

In May 2015, Kecia and her husband heard of a little boy with Down's syndrome that had been left in a Kiev hospital. For the second time, the inspiring couple made a trip to Ukraine. This time, they brought baby Noah back with them.

On their trip, they were also fortunate enough to meet Noah's biological mother who expressed her gratitude at their selflessness. Since then, the family made a new connection, one that they have maintained through social media over the years. 

Today, Kecia and her husband have a big and lovely family of seven kids, a beautiful journey that started with Bree. For people that have been touched by their story, the experiences of Kecia and her husband are just out of this world.

According to the CDC, 1 in every 700 babies in the US is born with Down's syndrome. For children with the condition, every day is a challenge as they are sometimes shunned by their peers and discriminated against by their family members. 

However, Kecia and her loving family prove that Down's syndrome is not a problem people should shy from. Their three children with the condition have brought them nothing but joy, love, and immense blessings.

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