“Thank You For Doing This!” Woman Welcomes Twin Girls As A Surrogate To Her Cancer-Sick Sister Who Always Dreamed Of Being A Mother

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December 13, 2018 16:13 By Fabiosa

For any woman, being able to carry and deliver their own children is a unique journey that has no comparison. Feeling the child grow in the womb, seeing the body change over nine months, and the final triumphant delivery is an experience that crowns any mommy’s life.

Unfortunately, not all women get to experience this feeling as various circumstances such as health complications and infertility make pregnancy impossible; a gap that has been filled by surrogacy.

“Thank You For Doing This!” Woman Welcomes Twin Girls As A Surrogate To Her Cancer-Sick Sister Who Always Dreamed Of Being A MotherOlena Yakobchuk / Shutterstock.com

Today, surrogacy serves a major role in providing the ultimate gift of parenthood to families all around the world, a unique and most priceless gift. In lucky cases, families find a close family member or close relative as a gestational surrogate, a fact makes the process easier as there is pre-existent love and sense of trust between the surrogate and intended parents.

For Maggie Paxton from Orange County, despite a devastating breast cancer diagnosis, she was still able to realize her dream to become a mother when her sister stepped-up to be her surrogate.

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Her sister became her surrogate

Since she was young, Maggie had always dreamed of becoming a mother but when she was 30-years-old, she was diagnosed with cancer. According to her doctors, Maggie would never be able to carry her own child since any increase in hormonal levels in her body might put her life at even greater risks.

Seeing how her sister was hurting from her cancer and her life-long dream of being a mother, Maggie’s sister, Morgan Williams stepped up and decided to her surrogate; a decision that demonstrated their great sisterly bond.

Sharing on her decision to become her sister’s surrogate, Morgan confessed that after seeing her battle with cancer, she felt she needed to give her something that she could. For her, it was the priceless gift of parenthood.  

I couldn’t protect her from the cancer, so if I could do this… this way…then that was my way of protecting her.

In 2017, Morgan gave birth to her sister’s children, two twin daughter’s to complete a beautiful story of familial love, sacrifice, and affection.

For Maggie’s husband Danny, the gift of fatherhood to two beautiful daughters is irreplaceable and he celebrated that with the girls, the family will have2 weddings, 2 proms, and 2 homecomings!

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The little girls are so cute!!

Truly, the family’s story is nothing short of inspirational and for most people on social media, their experiences are heartwarming especially now that their kids are all-grown-up and cuter than ever.

The family’s story reveals that surrogacy can indeed change the life of a woman who cannot get her own children, and as Maggie’s daughters prove the outcomes can be beautiful. Their experiences show that with love, sacrifice, and selfless giving, familial bonds can be used to make the world a happier and better place.

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