These Incredible Twins Have Shared Everything In Their Life: Clothes, Berdroom, And Even A Boyfriend!

Date July 26, 2018 11:35

Identical twins often have an incredibly close and powerful bond. They are born together, and they share the same milestones throughout life, which surely affects their relationship. But some twins take their connection to the whole new level.

Meet Amy and Becky Glass!

The 50-year-old twins haven’t spent more than half an hour apart in almost 2 decades. Right now, the two live together in Los Angeles and run their marketing company GT Events, which means they share a bedroom and an office.

They often go to extremes when it comes to looking like each other. To ensure their weights and body-shapes stay the same, Amy and Becky measure every single bite of food and sip of drink! Besides, as soon as one of them is full, they warn each other so as to stop eating.

But this is not it!

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On top of working together, living together, eating the same food, and wearing the same clothes, the obsessive twins also shared a boyfriend in their 20s. As they say:

He knew our differences, yet we were one-package deal, so the three of us all dated together. It kind of felt natural, like we knew whose turn it was.

What about other relationships?

Amy and Becky decided not to get married or have children. They already feel like they have found a soulmate in this life.

But if they did end up married and had kids, it would have been an interesting experience for their children. Little babies often confuse their parent with twin sibling, and there are even heartwarming compilations of such moments on the internet.

Just take a look!

We wonder at what age do such kids start realizing who is their parent and who is the twin?

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