Bonding Time! Matt Roloff Shares Sweet Snaps Of Him Spending Quality Time With Baby Jackson

Date August 31, 2018

It looks like Tori and Zack Roloff’s little son, Jackson, is everyone’s favorite. We’re used to his proud mother posting pictures of her sweet boy on Instagram, but she’s not the only one in the family to do so.

In fact, the toddler’s granddad Matt Roloff enjoys spending some bonding time with the kid and shares it with fans too. Just recently, the father of four has taken to Instagram and pleased his followers with 2 absolutely adorable snaps.

"Sweet simple rewards of life!"


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We, personally, love the second picture of Jackson just standing and waiting outside for his grandfather to pay attention to him. As Matt captioned the pic:

This little soldier just stood totally still right there for 10 min without moving... hoping beyond hope that he could catch a ride with grandpa... :))).

So precious!


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As for the first picture, it was not the first time the head of the family took his grandkid into his rig. The boy loves driving it so much that Matt even jokes he's going to push him out of a job soon:

Little fella is getting ahead of himself. I think we found our future farm Manager.


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Jackson is now 15-month-old. His birth was an exciting event not only for his parents but also for the rest of the family.


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Both Matt and Amy Roloff wondered if he was going to be an average or a little person. But regardless of the baby’s size, the most important thing for them was just to know their grandson was healthy.