Big Little Man! Tori Roloff Shares A Cute Story About Son Jackson's Desire To Help His Dad In Everything

Date August 23, 2018

It feels like Tori and Zach Roloff welcomed their son Jackson only yesterday, but in reality, the cute boy is already 15-month-old! The toddler enjoys exploring the world around him and spending time on the farm. And he might have just figured out his future profession.


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Just recently, the boy’s grandfather Matt shared a funny and cute bonding moment with his followers on Instagram. As he revealed in the caption, he pulled up to say 'hi' to son Zach. Before he knew it, Jackson was already in the rig:  

Little fella is getting ahead of himself. I think we found our future farm Manager.

But this is not it!

As it turns out, the boy, who’s growing fast, likes to help his parents around the house. His mom Tori has just taken to Instagram to share one of the cutest photos we’ve ever seen. In it, little Jackson is helping his dad fix the garbage disposal.


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As revealed in the caption, her precious boy does everything his father does, which only proves that both Tori and Zach set a good example for him:

Jackson wants to do EVERYTHING dad does. I broke the garbage disposal . . . and dad swoops in to save the day with his wing man. I love these two so much I feel like my heart may burst. Thanks babe uh.

How did the family’s fans react? They’re loving this snap!

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We wonder what Jackson is up to do next.

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