Tears Of Joy: Separated South And North Korean Families Reunite For The First Time In More Than 60 Years

Date August 22, 2018 10:31

Can you imagine being separated from your relatives for decades? Families from North and South Korea know this terrible feeling better than anyone.

The Korean War separated hundreds of people more than 60 years ago. And in August this year, about 90 families got an opportunity to reunite for the first time. The last reunion of a similar kind took place years ago.

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As a result, 330 South Koreans and 185 North Koreans arrived at the tourist resort of Mount Kumgang, where they embraced each other with joy, tears, and disbelief. The majority of survivors (more than 60%) is older than 80, and many of them arrived in wheelchairs. But age and health issues, like hypertension and diabetes, didn’t stop them from meeting parents, children, and siblings.


Touching pictures taken at the event

92-year-old mom from South Korea meets her 71-year-old son from North Korea. We can't imagine what these two went through.


99-year-old South Korean mom meets two daughters (who are 71 and 72 years old). The siblings could not speak for minutes when they saw their mother!


North Korean woman meets her South Korean sister and brother, whom she hasn’t seen for ages.


Public's reaction

It’s no surprise these touching pictures melted hearts of people from all over the world:

We hope more and more people will get a chance to meet their nearest and dearest after long years of separation!

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