'My Toddler Drowned This Summer': Grieving Mom Shares Her Terrible Story To Warn Other Parents

Date July 24, 2018 18:04

No parent should go through losing a child. But unfortunately, sometimes, the worst nightmare turns into reality.

Just a few months ago, Nicole Salvaggio Hughes was a happy mom of three beautiful kids, who always cared about their safety, especially during vacations. But on June 10, she lost her 3-year-old son Levi to drowning.

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Nicole didn’t let her baby boy swim without supervision and a life jacket. But she didn’t know that drowning can happen without swimming, and it only takes a few seconds.

One moment, Highes was splitting a brownie with her son, and the next moment, she was jumping into the pool to save him after the boy had left her side for a minute:

I don’t know how Levi got away from us as we were cleaning up from dinner. I still had the other half of the brownie in my mouth when I jumped into the pool to grab my son. 

Reminder for all

Sadly, the boy could not be saved. The sudden loss made Nicole research the topic of drowning and create a non-profit Levi’s Legacy, With its help, the woman hopes to share non-swimming drowning statistics and remind parents and guardians that they are in charge of kids at all times:

Drowning is a leading cause of death and is 100% preventable. We can do better. We can fix this for our children.

What can be done to prevent one of the most ominous hazards?

Don’t leave a child unattended near all small bodies of water, including bathtubs, fountains, ditches, and others. When they are swimming, always make sure there’s an adult watching them.

Don’t allow kids use hot tubs and spas. Lastly, always put a life jacket on a child when swimming or riding in a boat.

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