How To Make Your Own Ouija Board And Contact The World Of Spirits

Date December 19, 2018

As kids, we used to scare each other with some frightening stories about ghosts and otherworldly forces. We felt the rush of adrenaline and could even convince ourselves these stories were real. But some kids took it to a whole new level and created a special board that allowed humans to communicate with dead souls. What if we told you that unlike most of those silly childish stories, the Ouija board is a real thing? And even more, you can build your own working spiritual board and contact the other world! In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this mysterious tool.

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How to make a Ouija board

Just so you know, spiritual boards existed centuries before the first Ouija board. They were different versions, but not every one of them really worked. Sometimes, people would simply cheat just to fool gullible audience and make easy money. Maybe that is why the boards were advertised as fun family entertainment with a pinch of supernatural opportunities.

Although scientists state that the planchette moves due to our subconscious, those who believe and know how to use the board properly can make any skeptic doubt.  That’s why any self-made Ouija board can be a viable tool for contacting the spirit world. Let’s figure out how you can create it.

  1. You can use whatever surface you want: from a simple thin piece of paper to a wooden board. However, we prefer a large piece of cardboard.
  2. The next step is to choose your color and paint. Or you can glue the letters onto your board.
  3. Choose your font. You can find hundreds of them online. Print them out, cut them and prepare to glue or draw them by yourself.
  4. A classic Ouija board has the words “Yes” in the top left corner and “No” in the top right.
  5. Then, you should make a two-rowed English alphabet, which is followed by a row of numbers from one to zero.
  6. There are also words “Hello” in the bottom left corner and “Goodbye” or “Farewell” in the bottom right one.
  7. Now you can add some common symbols like the sun, moon, stars, etc. Or you can use your imagination and create your own embellishments.
  8. There are hundreds of Ouija board planchettes for sale on Amazon, Etsy, and other sites. But you can make it yourself or simply use a small transparent cup or glass.
  9. You are ready to perform your first spiritual séance.

How To Make Your Own Ouija Board And Contact The World Of SpiritsCouperfield /

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How to establish a connection with spirits

So you’ve got your Ouija board and replacement planchette ready, the guests are excited to contact the other world, but you are not sure how to do it correctly? First of all, you have to believe that it is possible. Before trying to contact the dead, you and your guests should take each other’s hands and form a circle.

Then, everyone should close their eyes and try to feel the slowly forming tension right inside of the circle. It is your collective energy. The longer you are accumulating it, the more chances the ritual will be successful. After a couple of minutes, everyone should put their one finger on the Ouija board planchette. Politely greet the spirits and ask them for a brief conversation. They might not respond right away, so be persistent but remain courteous.

Ask some simple questions and wait for the planchette to start moving. Look through the Ouija board planchette’s hole and write down the letters the spirit is trying to tell. Remember, usually, they do not have much time to talk, so the séance might be interrupted in the middle of the conversation. Always say goodbye and thank the spirits at the end.

How To Make Your Own Ouija Board And Contact The World Of SpiritsCouperfield /

Some people take things so seriously that they even make tattoos of Ouija board planchettes. Well, that honestly doesn’t surprise us. If you performed a successful séance and talked to spirits, you would also take things that seriously. Regardless, we believe that the Ouija board is a wonderful way to have a good time with your family or your friends.

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