Incredible Miracle: 2-Year-Old Boy Wakes Up From Coma Hours Before Switching Off The Life Support

Date July 19, 2018

For everyone who does not believe in true miracles, this story will probably make you change your attitude. A 2-year-old boy diagnosed with cancer woke up from coma hours before his parents agreed to switch off the life support.

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Dylan Askin, a little kid with a terrible diagnosis

Dylan Askin was just 2 years old when the doctors diagnosed him with a rare form of lung cancer. In fact, his illness was one-in-ten-million, and doctors told there were low chances the boy would make it.

On Christmas 2015, Dylan was hospitalized with breathing problems. The boy had bacterial pneumonia. Further tests showed that Dylan’s lungs were 80% covered in cysts and barely functioned.

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After a complicated treatment, doctors still didn’t think the boy would survive. At that moment, they maintained his condition via a system of life support.

Heartbreaking choice

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On Easter Eve 2016, his parents made a heartbreaking decision to switch off his life support after little Dylan spent several weeks in a coma. His mother recalled that hard period:

I was devastated. I hadn’t slept for days building up to it. I was crying all the time.

But on Easter Sunday, Dylan suddenly opened his eyes and began breathing on his own. Kerry Askin, Dylan’s mother, couldn’t believe this happened.

I was strong in the belief that Dylan was our Easter miracle.

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The boy was taken off the life support on April 4, the day of his parents' wedding anniversary. They said it was the best present they could receive.

Dylan’s condition started to improve. In May, he was sent home, and in July, he finished his cancer treatment. It’s been two years since Dylan defeated his disease, and today, his lungs are cancer free.

Dylan Askin and his miraculous recovery make other people believe that everything is possible if you have faith. We are so happy for the little boy and his family and wish them all the best.

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