Mother Of A 7-Month-Old Baby Warns Other Parents After Her Son's Pacifier Left Severe Burns On His Face

Date June 27, 2018 13:49

A 7-month-old baby got severe burns on his face caused by a pacifier. His mother decided to make this story public to raise awareness among other parents.

Pacifier left burns on a baby’s face

Kristen Milhone from Michigan says she read and heard a lot about the hidden danger of various baby products, but she had no idea that an ordinary pacifier could be so harmful to her toddler.

One morning, her son Jack woke up with a burn on his face. The frightened mother couldn’t understand where it could come from, as the baby slept the whole night in his bed. Then, Kristen realized that a size of his burn was exactly of the size of her son’s pacifier.

It almost looked like a chemical burn.

It turns out that Jack fell asleep on top of the pacifier, which caused such damage to his face. Milhone immediately took her son to the emergency room where he got a necessary ointment treatment. Kristen fears that Jack may have to be transferred to a burn clinic for further therapy.

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Warning to all parents!

After the sad incident that happened to her little son, Kristen decided to warn other parents about a pacifier danger.

Milhone made a post on her Facebook page in which she mentioned the dangerous brand – it was Philips Avent Soothie pacifier.

The woman said she was recommended to use this type of pacifiers at the hospital and thought it to be safer than others.

I just want to warn other parents that something like this could happen.

Please, share this information with other parents who have little kids. Keep safe!

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