Baby Left Brain Damaged After Her First Breastfeed. Mother Sued A Midwife For Negligent Advice But The Judge Said No One Was To Blame

Date March 26, 2019 17:30

A mother whose baby left brain damaged after her first breastfeed sues a careless midwife for not warning her about the hidden danger.

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Baby left brain damaged after breastfeeding

 Julia Geis-Clements and her husband Lee Clemens sued the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust by accusing the midwife of giving negligent advice considering breastfeeding.

Julia and Lee’s daughter Cerys, who is now 5, left brain damaged after her first breastfeed.  The mother accuses the midwife of not warning her to keep baby’s airway clear during breastfeeding. Julia claims that if she knew she should keep Cerys’ nostrils free, the tragic consequences could be avoided.

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The mother recalled how her baby turned “pale and floppy” in a moment. Her husband rushed off to ask for help, but when he returned with a doctor, Cerys had no pulse. Fortunately, they could save the baby, but she had suffered a hypoxia that caused severe brain damage.

Now, the child is stricken by cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and significant neuro-developmental problems. She requires a 24-hour care and constant monitoring.

Julia and her husband blame the hospital and the midwife, in particular, for giving her inadequate advice on how she should feed her baby right. Julia told in the court:

I instinctively felt that she might be too close up to my breast. But the midwife said that a baby would wriggle and pull their head back if they could not breathe properly during breastfeeding.

In her turn, the midwife pleads not guilty saying that “Mrs. Geis-Clements did not specifically ask her about the possibility of her baby not being able to breathe during feeding.”

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Besides, the nurse added that Julia attended specialized classes for future moms, at which safe breastfeeding practice had been covered in all details.

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The judge said 'no one is to blame' for this tragic accident. Advice the midwife gave to them was 'logical with a proper basis in fact'.

Important to know for future moms!

First breastfeeding is very important both for moms and babies. It is highly recommended to follow safety rules in order to prevent possible complications.

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It is necessary to support an infant’s back and neck during feeding but not hold the baby too tightly. Make sure the baby can freely breathe during the process.

It will be a good idea for future moms to attend special courses for pregnant women where they can get useful information on how to take care of their babies. Today, there is a great variety of similar programs suitable for every parent. Be safe!

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