"I Was Trapped Inside As I Was Screaming ‘Get My Babies!’" Mother Of Four Recalls Horrible Car Accident

Date May 9, 2018

A mother and her four kids were headed home in a car and were only a couple miles from their house. They had no idea that seconds later, their lives would turn upside down after a horrible car crash.

“I was trapped inside as I was screaming ‘Get my babies!’”

Sarah Sutton from North Carolina recalled that Wednesday as the most horrible day of her life. The day started as usual. Sarah picked up her eldest daughter Alayna from school and, with other three kids, rushed home in the car.

They were a couple miles from the house when their whole world changed to ‘before and after’. Another car ran a light and crashed into them.

Sarah recalls the vehicle was filled with smoke, thus making it hard to breathe. She heard screaming and saw people running to their car. They helped pull her children out of the vehicle, while she was trapped inside. At that moment, the only thing the desperate mother could think about was her kids’ safety. She was begging the people who came to the rescue to save her children.

I was trapped inside as I was screaming ‘Get my babies!’

Sarah was in a critical condition when the ambulance arrived, but she kept saying prayers to God that her kids were alive. They got a couple of not-life-threatening injuries and bruises.

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“Dear parents, I’m begging you as a mom…”

Thankfully, Sarah has almost recovered. The woman thanked God she was a ‘psycho’ mom who always follows safety rules on a road. Kid car seats saved her children’s lives.

After the accident, Sarah feels obliged to raise public awareness among other parents and hopes her experience will help save someone’s life.

Please, I am begging you as a mom to really look at this. This could be you. This could be anyone. I would hate to hear about your poor innocent child that died because of a choice that you made for them that could save their life.

We want to join Sarah’s good intention and remind all parents to follow car safety rules. Keep safe and take care of yourself and your children.

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