11 Emaciated Children Found In A New Mexico Compound Were Allegedly Training To Commit School Shootings

Date August 10, 2018 18:38

11 children have been found in a New Mexico compound with almost no food and fresh water, no personal hygiene, and wearing dirty rags for clothing. The adult suspects that kept the poor kids in such inhuman conditions were allegedly training them to be school shooters.

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Why would anyone teach the kids to kill?!

A story about a group of emaciated children that was discovered at a New Mexico compound shocked the community nationwide. 11 children were forced to live in the terrible conditions with no food and fresh water.

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When the kids were finally rescued from the horrible trap, authorities arrested two men and three women as the suspects in child abuse. One of the arrested men was also accused of allegedly burying a long-missing child there.

The released court documents included allegations claiming that the children had been trained to commit school shootings, CNN and NBC reported.

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One of the foster parents said the suspects “trained the children in the use of an assault rifle in preparation for future school shootings,CNN reported.

However, an attorney of one of the suspects, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, explained that he “thinks the foster parents' credibility is in question,” according to the Associated Press.

All of the 11 rescued children were aged 1 to 15. It’s hard to imagine that someone would teach their kids to kill. We just hope all of the rescued boys and girls could forget this story as the worst nightmare.

Florida mass shooting

The problem of mass shootings in schools is alarming nowadays. We all remember the tragedy that happened in Parkland school, in Florida. 17 students and teachers were killed by one of the same school students, Nikolas Cruz.


The Parkland school shooting is considered to be one of the world's deadliest school massacres. Cruz confessed and was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. After this horrible case, the gun control debate was resumed.


How can we prevent school shootings?

Such tragic incidents usually beg the question: Who is responsible for that? The government, parents, surroundings – who is to blame?!

Preventing violence requires complex measures, but according to Ph.D. Kathryn Seifert, there is something we can do to prevent school shootings.


Incidents of a gun being discharged in an educational institution in the US from 2013 to 2015 were 4 per month. In 2018, the rate of school shootings is 8 per month.

Suggested solutions to change the sad statistics include:

  1. More gun control.
  2. Metal detectors at schools.
  3. Psycho tests for students and teachers on a regular basis.
  4. Understanding that guns are not a problem, people are!
  5. Involuntary treatment of those with MI that are found to be dangerous or have committed a violent act before.
  6. Raising awareness among parents. Pay more attention to your children and notice any strange changes in their behavior.

Remember, it’s always better to prevent a tragedy rather than to blame children, parents, society, or government for the senseless crimes that lead to the loss of so many young lives.