Baby Born With Half A Heart Was Said To Die Within First Week Of Life, But He Is Miraculously Alive And Keeps Fighting

Date May 25, 2018

He was born with only half a heart. Doctors said this baby would die within the first week of his life. But little Luke proved that real miracles exist. Here is a touching and inspiring story of the baby who was not supposed to survive, but he did!

Story of the ‘miracle baby’ with half a heart

Linda and Clint Pilkinton, from Tennessee, were over the moon when found out they were expecting a baby. The couple was excited to welcome a new member to their family.

When Linda was 16 weeks pregnant, she and Clint learned their future baby would be born with a special condition. It is some rare heart defect in which a part of a heart is underdeveloped or not there at all.

The future parents were shocked. They kept asking themselves why their baby deserves something so terrible like this.  Linda recalls her emotions at that time:

I was crying and crying. I didn’t know how to contain it and I didn’t know what to do with my emotions. I was in shock, awe, and disbelief.

Linda and Clint didn’t hesitate a minute to keep the baby. They knew there was a chance he could die at a birth, but he survived. The little boy with a beautiful name Luke was alive.

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Doctors warned the Pilkinton family that Luke could die within the first week after his birth. But despite very poor chances, the ‘miracle baby’ survived, and he keeps fighting till now.

Little Luke underwent two open-heart surgeries. Doctors plan to perform the third surgery in a couple of years.

In March, Linda and Clint finally could take their son home. The parents still feel unsure of his future, but they believe their miracle baby boy will struggle all difficulties and can live a full life.

We wish Luke and his parents all the best and keep praying for their wonderful family.

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