Beware Of The Flying Drones! 1-Year-Old Baby Was Hit In The Face By A Drone In A Public Park

Date August 10, 2018

Drones are awesome devices capable of bringing joy to their owners. But are they really safe? A mother of a 1-year-old boy shares her story to raise public awareness after her baby was hit in his face by a flying drone.

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Baby struck in face by a flying drone

Cassaundra Roberts, from Iowa, was enjoying a day in a public park together with her sweet baby boy, Atticus, and his 4-year-old brother. The woman had no idea such a great day would have a sad ending.

1-year-old Atticus was peacefully sleeping in his swing when a flying drone appeared from nowhere and struck the baby on his face.

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Cassaundra would never forget that horrible moment when she saw her baby’s face bleeding. Then, she noticed one of the young men on the soccer field nearby running to her and saying, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!

The frightened mother had no time to find a guilty; the only thing she was thinking about at that moment was her little son. Cassaundra took her kids and rushed to a hospital.

The woman recalls how little Atticus was crying on the way to the medical center:

He screamed and cried in the car. My baby kept trying to touch his mouth. He also had a deep cut on his cheek from the drone.

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Atticus had five stitches to get his wounds sewed up. Fortunately, there is no life threat to the child. The boy keeps on recovering.

All’s well that ends well! But the story could have had more tragic consequences because some people are just not aware of how to operate drones correctly.

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How to avoid common drone injuries

Flying drones are capable of moving with a rather rapid speed. It is important to follow a guideline teaching how to operate a device correctly and avoid common injuries.

  1. Do not fly a drone over a crowd of people.
  2. Be especially careful when you operate the drone nearby children. Try to avoid public places, like parks and playgrounds.
  3. Make sure the device is flying below 400 feet above the ground.
  4. Always fly within line-of-sight. If you can’t see the drone, bring it in.
  5. Stay away from airplanes.
  6. Make sure to study the guide on operating the drone carefully before setting it into action.

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Follow these simple rules to make sure your joyful pastime will not turn out a tragedy for anybody else.

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