Family Is Outraged Because School Doesn't Want To Include Their Son In The Yearbook After He Committed Suicide

Date June 19, 2018

The family of a 12-year-old boy is outraged because a school doesn’t want to include their son in the yearbook after he committed suicide:

We feel robbed.

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In memory of Kaiden Kauffman

Kaiden Kauffman passed away one year ago after he committed suicide. The boy was just 12 years old.

Kaiden was raised by his grandparents. The teen had diverse interests, including fishing, basketball, football, and video games. His family describes Kaiden as a compassionate boy who felt every emotion deeply.

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For the last few years, the kid suffered from mental health issues. But neither his grandparents nor his school friends could even imagine that Kaiden would take his own life. His grandmother said:

It was nothing I ever thought would happen. I still can't believe he's gone.

“We feel robbed”

Now, after almost a year since Kaiden’s death, his family’s pain had been reborn after Kaiden’s school refused to include the late boy in their yearbook.

Kaiden Kauffman attended the 7th grade at the Minnesota Center. The school administration explained to his outraged family they “feel bad and sympathize with the grief they are going through, but it’s too late to include Kaiden’s picture now.”

The boy’s grandmother, Dawn Kauffman-Mace, said in a statement to the Star Tribune:

We feel robbed. It would have just been nice to have the kids write something in the yearbook. It would have been a treasure to hold onto.

Kaiden’s grandparents hope they could turn their tragedy into something positive for other families. They want to raise public awareness about the danger of teen suicides. Ms. Kauffman-Mace said:

What I'm hoping for is that it creates conversations, and if it creates conversations, then maybe it might help stop a suicide.

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We hope Kaiden’s family and their noble mission will generate public interest and what happened to their grandson will never happen to any other child.

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