Mother Warns Other Parents To Be Mindful After Her 1-Year-Old Baby Got Severe Burns When A Slow Cooker Spilled On Her

Date October 12, 2018

A little baby suffered severe burns on her face after a slow cooker with hot content spilled over her. The girl’s mother begs other parents not to repeat the mistake that almost cost her baby’s life.

Baby got burned from a cooking appliance

Vanesa Herrera from Oklahoma wants to raise parents’ awareness after a sad incident that happened to her 1-year-old daughter, Azra.

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Vanesa was making a dinner at the kitchen and placed little Azra in a walker near her.  Later, the mother said she never did so before. Usually, she puts her daughter in a high chair when she has some work to do about the house.

This mistake almost cost the baby’s life. The girl accidentally pulled down a slow cooker with a burning liquid inside and burned her face.

Herrera couldn’t hold back tears recalling that moment:

The Crock Pot was still plugged into the island, and she got over there and pulled it down.

The frightened mother immediately took her baby to a local hospital. Then, she was transported to a medical center in Dallas.

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Little Azra suffered severe burns on her face but, luckily, she was alive. By sharing her story, Herrera wants to save other children from a similar situation.

She said:

You never think it could happen to you but, when it does happen to you, there are just no words to really describe the feeling.

Safety rules for kids in the kitchen

Statistics show that nearly 2,000 children under the age of 14 die as a result of fires and burns at home. Please, follow these safety rules if you are in the kitchen with your child:

Mother Warns Other Parents To Be Mindful After Her 1-Year-Old Baby Got Severe Burns When A Slow Cooker Spilled On HerRuth Smith /

1. Keep knives and other sharp objects out of the child’s reach.

2. Keep electrical appliances away from water.

3. Make sure all cooking appliances are turned off when you leave the kitchen.

4. Store paper towels on a safe distance so they don't catch on fire.

5. Do not allow your child to play active games in the kitchen.

6. Never lose sight of your child while being busy in the kitchen.

Keep your children safe!

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